Aquilla Village is located in Claridon Township, approx. 35 miles east of Cleveland in the heart of Geauga County, Ohio. The village has a total area of 0.15 square miles, with an approximate residency of 340 people according to the 2010 census.

The community is rural, bordering farmland, equestrian facilities and the Aquilla Wildlife Park which holds a shallow twelve acre lake.

Residents are served by the highly ranked Chardon Local School District.


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Council Meetings are held regularly at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Aquilla Village Town Hall, 65 Turner Drive. Meetings are public, however if you would like to be placed on the agenda for a specific reason, please contact Mayor Wolfe (Town Hall: 440-286-5511 or by email.)





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The History of Aquilla Village


As with many small lake communities in Northeastern Ohio, Aquilla village began as a popular summer vacation spot for Cleveland's professional middle class. Formerly known as "Goose Lake" and "Claridon Pond", the lake area was known for excellent fishing and hunting. Because of the natural beauty and quaint atmosphere, Aquilla Lake provided rich subject matter for northeast Ohio painters to practice their craft. Among the more notable artists to frequent the community were Henry George Keller and Hans Busch.

kellrlotusdaleLotusdale (on the west side of the village) was the summer residence of the J.K. Turner family. Mr.Turner was a labor mediator and the editor and publisher of a mediation magazine. Topics covered in the publication included interests of industrial workers, management issues, the need for retirement pensions, and women's economic freedom. Turner also published Turner's Digest, a summary of the industrial progress in the world market. The family held gatherings of industry and labor leaders at Lotusdale during the early 1900's, enabling discussions in a relaxed, country setting. Cornelia and Turner Roads in the Village are named for the Turner family. An excerpt from the Geauga County Record documents the Turners' impact on the local community:

"Electric Lights on Geauga Farm Geauga County Record, March 22, 1912
The residence and building at Lotusdale farm in West Claridon are to be lighted by electricity. This announcement was made by Mrs. J. K. Turner, of Cleveland, while in Chardon last Wednesday. A Cleveland electrical engineering firm has been commissioned to install a private lighting plant there of sufficient capacity to light the farm if necessary, we learn. The farm residence and bungalow will also be equipped with steam heat. Material is still arriving for the new bungalow, which is to be erected just north of the Turner farm residence. The original plans for the bungalow have been altered, calling for a larger building. The living room in the bungalow will be 24 x 32 feet in size, with an extra large fire-place, and there will also be about a dozen other rooms, all under one roof, while a 12-foot porch will nearly encircle the building. The bungalow will be a valuable building addition to West Claridon, while the tiling of Lotusdale farm this season, representing a considerable outlay of money, will be still another substantial testimonial to the live interest that Mr. and Mrs. J. K. Turner take in their country home. They are bringing improvements there which beautify and enrich their holdings, and enhance the value of other property in the locality."


In 1923, Aquilla lots were sold in a special "buy one get one free" county fair offering, and summer cottages began to dot the landscape. Enthusiastic cottage owners voted to incorporate, forming Aquilla Lake Community, Inc. on September 20, 1923.

Aquilla Village was advertised as a place “Where nature smiles, and the summer lingers in the Berkshires of Ohio.” As its popularity grew, community activities flourished; swimming, clam bakes, corn roasts and dancing in the newly erected village dance hall were routinely enjoyed by summer visitors. Several residents winterized their cottages and moved to the village permanently after losing their main residences in Cleveland during the depression in 1929. A new organization was formed in 1933 called Lake Aquilla Estates in order to expedite the sale of remaining lots. Aquilla Village was incorporated in 1946; that status remains to this day.


Aquilla is one of Ohio's smallest villages with a current population of approximately 341 people (2010 census). Improvements have been made consistently to the Village such as a permanent town hall, public sewers, paved roads, a baseball field and most recently a picnic pavilion area with a playground. Although the Village still owns lake front lots and other community lots, the Wildlife Area that borders Aquilla Village on the North side is now a state park area, used for hunting, fishing and non-motorized boating.


Click here for additional information; special thank you to Judi Malon for sharing historical articles and pictures of Aquilla Lake, Lotusdale and the village development.




Zoning Permits and Approvals

Zoning permits/approvals are required when a building or structure is being built, moved, added to, or altered. A Certificate of Occupancy must be obtained prior to occupying a new residence. Contact the Zoning Inspector for an appointment to obtain a zoning permit prior to beginning construction on any of the following:

- Single Family Residential Unit
- Residential Addition
- External Storage Structure
- Fence
- Swimming Pool (Inground or Above Ground)

All fees must be paid at the time the application is made.


zoningZoning Violations

The following is a list of common zoning violations and references to the specific relevant sections of the Aquilla Village Zoning Resolution. Please file a complaint regarding any of these by clicking here.

- Storage of inoperable vehicles


Questions or Concerns?

Contact Zoning Inspector Larry Jenkins: Town Hall 440-286-5511 or by Email:


The Road Commission

The Aquilla Village Road Commission is responsible for maintaining roadways and street signs within the Village's corporate limits. Normal road maintenance includes repair, patching, sealing, berm work, and drainage, which is typically outsourced.

Snow Removal: The Village holds a contract with the Claridon Township Road Department for salting and plowing roadways during the winter months.

Clean-Up: To assist residents in discarding larger items, every Spring, The Village sponsors a Spring Clean-Up event. A contracted waste removal service will pick-up larger, properly processed items such as refridgerators and bulk scrap materials. This is a drive-way to drive-way pick-up service for Aquilla residents only.

Leaf Pickup: Every fall, Aquilla Village retains a leaf removal service to facilitate the disposal of our large volume of leaves. Crews spend several weeks vacuuming leaves that residents rake to the tree lawns. The service is provided to Village residents at no charge. Pick-up schedule is posted in the Fall.

Lawn Maintenance: During the warm months, the Road Commission mows and trims grass in several common areas, including the Town Hall and the Village Park.

Questions or Concerns?
Contact Road Mayor Wolfe @ Town Hall: 440-286-5511 or by Email:





Aquilla Village Park

Since the beginning, community has been important for Village residents, and that tradition continues today. Our park area consists of a baseball diamond, basketball area, and a picnic pavilion with grills, picnic tables and a toddler playground set.

The pavilion is available for residents to reserve for family picnics and gatherings. Contact Mayor Richard Wolfe for reservations: Town Hall 440-286-5511 or by Email:








Community Links and Information

aquilla_sign Household Hazardous Waste Collection: May 4th - October 26th; click here for brochure

Claridon Township Website

Chardon City Website

Chardon School District

Geauga County Sheriff's Office

Geauga County Department of Water Resources

Geauga County Job Opportunities

Destination Geauga (information on events, shopping and dining in Geauga County)


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Aquilla Village Council


Council meetings are held at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall located at 65 Turner Drive in Aquilla Village.

Meetings are public, however if you would like to be placed on the agenda for a specific reason, please contact Mayor Wolfe @ Town Hall: 440-286-5511 or by email.




Title Name Term Expires Email
Mayor Richard Wolfe 12/31/2019
Council President Ron Eging 12/31/2021
Council Member Joy Bennington 12/31/2021
Council Member Leonard Glover 12/31/2019
Council Member Rodger Locher 12/31/2021
Council Member Jeannette Mitchell 12/31/2021
Council Member Terry Vodicka 12/31/2019
Zoning Inspector Larry Jenkins Appointed
Fiscal Officer Amy Vodicka Appointed


The Village of Aquilla operates on a day-to-day basis governed by the rules and regulations from both the “Codified Ordinances of The Village of Aquilla” and the State of Ohio “Ohio Revised Code”. This section lists all ordinances adopted in 2014, 2015 and 2016, along with other previously adopted ordinances that are the most common, most requested and most used. As new ordinances are passed or revised, they will be added to this page. This is not a complete list and should only be used as a guideline to acquire additional information. All Ordinances are available for public inspection; contact the Village Fiscal Officer for viewing.

2017 Description 2016
Description 2015
Description 2014
2017-1 Janitorial Services 2016-1 2016 Perm. Appropriation 2015-1 Janitorial Services 2014-1 2014 Perm. Appropriation
2017-2 Appt. of Solicitor 2016-2 Janitorial Services 2015-2 2015 Perm. Appropriation 2014-2 Auditor Auth. to Assign House #
2017-3 Perm. Appropriation 2016-3 Geauga Co. Sheriff Contract 2015-3 Appointment of Solicitor 2014-3 Tax Levy Certification
2017-4 Geauga Co. Sheriff 2016-4 Assistant Fiscal Officer 2015-4 R Street Lighting 2014-4 Janitorial Services
2017-5R Street Lighting 2016-5 Appointment of Solicitor 2015-5 Amend Ord. 2015-2 2014-5 Curbside Leaf Pick-up
    2016-6 Amend Ord. 2016-1 2015-6 R Tax Levy Certification 2014-6 Snow Plowing
    2016-7 R Levy Renewal Auditor Request 2015-7 Snow Plowing 2014-7 2015 Temp. Appropriation
    2016-8 R Levy Renewal for BOE 2015-8 2016 Temp. Appropriation 2014-8 Geauga County Sheriff Contract
    2016-9R Accept Budget Comm. Rates 2015-9 R Natural Hazard Mitigation Plan    
    2016-10 2017 Temp. Appropriation        
    Commonly Used          
    277 Vicious Dog 324 Property Maintenance 2013-9 Zoning Fees
    321 Zoning Code        


The Budget is adopted annually by the Village Council and approved by the Geauga County Auditor. It is the official financial plan for the Village's operating departments. Financial transactions of the Village are maintained in five individual funds: General, Roads, Street Lighting, Motor Vehicle License, and Gas Tax. These funds make up the operating budget of the Village and account for all expense and revenue transactions.

Comprehensive Annual Financial Report (CAFR)
The CAFR presents the Village's audited financial position and activity presented in conformance with generally accepted accounting principles (GAAP). Audits are conducted by the Ohio State Auditor's Office every two years (the next scheduled audit is 2017).

Aquilla Village Purchasing Policy
(under construction)


Meeting Minutes


Regular Council meetings are held at 7pm on the second Tuesday of each month at the Town Hall located at 65 Turner Drive in Aquilla Village. Meetings are public and residents are encouraged to attend. If you would like to be placed on the agenda for a specific reason, please contact Mayor Wolfe. Minutes are published below after being approved by Council.

Public Notices required by ORC 2329.27 are placed in the News-Herald and the home page of this website.

Minutes are published below after being approved by Council at the following regularly scheduled meeting.

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